Link and Unlink Assets To Products

How to assign assets to products

One of the beautiful things about using a PIM is that you can link your products and your assets so that they are easy to use and find. In Plytix, you only need to upload your file once, and then you can use it in multiple places. In this article, we will explain the different ways to link/unlink an asset to a product so that they can be exported or used together.  

Asset Overview

To link an asset from the 'Assets' overview screen:

  1. Select the asset(s) you want to link (1)
  2. Then click on "Link products" (2) to select products to link your assets to


Link Asset overview


💡Use filters to find a selection of assets faster

"Link products" window contains all your products. Here you can select which product or products you would like to link the asset(s) to (1). Once you have chosen your products click "Link" to complete the process (2).


Link products pop up -1


Asset Detail Page

To link assets from this view: 

  1. Click on the asset you want to link to get to the asset detail page
  2. In the "Products" tab (1), you will see all the products this asset is already linked to, if any

    Asset detail
  3. Click on "Link Products" (2) 
  4. A pop-up will appear that will allow you to choose the products you want to link to this asset
  5. Choose the products and click "Link" 
  6. You should now see the product linked to your asset in the "Products" tab

To unlink this asset from a product or products:

  1. Choose the products you would like to unlink this asset from (1)
  2. Click on the "unlink" button that appears below the search bar (2)

asset detail unlink

Product Detail Page

To link assets directly from a product: 

  1. Click on the product SKU you would like to edit to get to the product detail page
  2. Go to the "Assets" tab (1)
  3. Click "Link Assets" on the right (2)

product detail


The "Link assets" pop up will appear.

Here you are shown two options: to upload new files (1) or link existing assets (2)


Link assets pop up


When linking to an existing asset, the pop up will show a list of all the assets in the PIM. 

You can view these assets in a list or in a grid (1).

Select the asset(s) you would like to link to your product (2) and click the "Link" button to save (3).


Link assets pop up 2


Once linked, your assets will appear in the "Assets" tab of your product detail view (1).. The "Assets" tab is an overview of all the assets related to that product. 

Back in the Assets tab of the product details page, you will see an overview of all the assets your product is linked to (1). You can further link assets to products by grouping them into attributes (see next section). 

To unlink assets, check the ones you would like to unlink (2) and click the red "unlink" button that will appear to the right of the search bar (3)


Product detail unlink

Product Editing Page (as an attribute)

To link assets as attributes: 

ℹ️ This requires you to have media attribute types set up in the system

  1. Go to a product's detail page
  2. Go to the "Attributes" tab which should be selected by default (1)
  3. Find the media attribute you want to add assets to, use the groups (2) to help you browse (3)

  4. Hover your mouse over the attribute name, and click on the "pencil" icon that appears before the name to edit that attribute (4). 

    product detail attribute
  5. A checkmark will now appear where the pencil used to be to show that you are now in edit mode (1).
  6. Hover over the "add files" illustration and click on the pencil to link an asset (2).
  7. To unlink an asset, hover over an asset and click on the bin icon to unlink this asset (3).





What's Next


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