Replacing an Asset

How to replace an asset file

Replacing an asset means changing the digital content of an asset for another of the same type. Replacing an asset will change its content, while keeping everything else the same. The asset will keep its name, URL, and link to any products and brand portals it was linked to before. This is especially useful when you need to update any product images or content. 


⚠️  You cannot change the format type of the asset when replacing it. To change an image format check out converting image format.


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To do this: 

  1. Navigate to the details page of the asset you want to replace.
  2. Click on the "Replace asset" icon located on the top right of the page (the icon looks like a cloud with an arrow that points up in the center).
  3. Drag or upload the new file you want to replace the asset with.

The "Modified date" will update to show the date and time the asset was replaced. 


What's next? 


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