Configuring The Search Bar

How to configure the product overview search bar to search on different attributes

The search bar in Product Overview lets you search through your products by SKU and Label by default. You can change this in the search bar settings to include up to four different attributes in your search. This article lists the attribute types available for use in the search bar, and teaches you how to change them in the search bar settings.



💡  Use product filters together with the search bar for a more granular search.


Available attribute types

Changing the search bar settings



Available attribute types

Not all attributes are available for use in the search bar.
The attribute types you can search by are:
  • Short text
  • Paragraph
  • Dropdown
  • Multi-select
  • URL

Changing the search bar settings

To personalize your search bar:

  1. Go to the navigation menu and click "Products"
  2. Then click "All Products" from the dropdown. This takes you to Product Overview.
  3. Hover over the search bar and click on the "Gear" icon that appears to the right of the search bar. 


  4. In the Search bar settings click on attributes under Available attributes to use them in the search bar.
  5. Under Selected attributes, you can remove attributes you no longer want to search by.
  1. Click "Save Settings" to update your settings.



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