Embedding an E-catalog

How to embed an E-Catalog using an i-frame

One of the best ways to share an E-Catalog is to embed it on your website using an iframe, just like you would do with a YouTube video. 

When you embed a e-catalog on your website it becomes part of you site and is also under your domain URL.  That way when you share your E-Catalog you are sharing your own website. 


How to embed your E-Catalogs:


  1. Copy the following example iframe: 
    <iframe width="950px" height="900px" src="https://ecatalogs.plytix.com/5e29fdd6e69e66e29d077553" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  2. Replace the URL with your e-catalog portal URL. This can be copied from your E-Catalog underneath the title in the settings area

    Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 15.23.40
  3. Check that the height and width are appropriate and change as necessary. This will expand or reduce the size of the iframe. 
  4. Paste it into the area on your website where you want this to appear


Here is an example of a website with a Plytix E-Catalog embedded on it: