Change your search bar settings on the All Products screen to search by your custom attributes.

Available attributes

Create search options for your product tables by using values from these attribute types:

  • Short text
  • Paragraph
  • Dropdown
  • Multiselect
  • URL

Changing the search bar settings

To personalize the search bar, select 'Products' and choose 'All Products' from the dropdown (1). Hover the 'search bar' above the table view, and a 'Gear icon' will become visible (2), press the 'Gear icon' to access your search bar settings. (3)

Changing your search options

An options panel will now become available to you where you can change your search bar settings. You can have 4 active search options active at all times.

Select attributes on the left side (1), to activate them on the right side (2). Or click the 'X' next to the attribute to remove it from the active list. Press the 'Save' button to update the search bar with your new settings (3).

Selecting attributes for searching