Account Plan, Billing, Payments, and Invoices

How to change plans, manage billing information, change payment methods, and view invoices

In this article we will go over the "Plan" and "Invoices" sections of the accounts area.



Company information

Payment method


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ℹ️ ONLY users with account management permissions will be able to see and manage the "Plans" and "Invoices" section



Once in the Account settings area of Plytix, navigate to the "Plans" section. This section is split into three areas:h


Company Details

Payment Method

account settings - plan



account settings - plan - billing


The "Billing" area tells you

  1. The plan you are currently on
  2. Your next payment amount and date
  3. The date your subscription began

You can also change your subscription plan from this page.


Company information

It is important to keep the company information up-to-date as this is the Information we use to generate your invoice. To update this information click on the pencil icon.

Account settings - plan - company info


ℹ️  Invoices are sent to the emails provided here. Add multiple emails by separating them with a comma. 


Payment methods

There are two ways to pay: credit card, or bank transfer.


Paying with a credit card is the default payment method. You can add multiple credit cards to your account. The card you set as "Primary" will be the one charged. 

account - plan - payment method

⚠️ Paying with AMEX will carry an extra processing fee. 


ℹ️  If you wish to pay by bank transfer or change your payment method type, please contact your Account Manager. 



You can see and download all your invoices from the "Invoices" section of account settings. 

account settings - invoices

From the invoices table you can see: 

  • Date - This is the date the invoice was issued.
  • Amount - This is the amount due.
  • Status - This tells you what stage the invoice is in. This could be PAID, SCHEDULED, or FAILED. 
  • Incidences - If there is something wrong with your payment, that will show here with an explanatory message like "Cardholder Limit Exceeded" or "Card Expired". 
  • Download - You can download a PDF version of your PDF at anytime


💡 Filter invoices by year issued. 


What's next? 


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