Export Settings for Brand Portals

Set how visitors can download and request information from your Brand Portals.

Users can download files directly from a Brand Portal File tab, but a Brand Portal can also enable the options to download product data in Data Sheet format (CSV/XLSX). 


Activating the Export Option

Managing Account Download Notifications


Activating the Export Option

Data Sheet Exports

Data Sheet Exports allow your visitors to choose to download product information in a CSV or XLSX format. You can decide which attributes from your portal are downloadable in this format by clicking on the OPTIONS icon. 


To activate data sheet exports in your Brand Portal:

1. Head to your Brand Portal's detail page. Then, click on the "Export" tab.

2. Toggle on the boolean to make the export option available in your e-catalog.

3. You can configure the options of the exports by clicking on the settings icon




  • Select which attributes get exported in this format
  • Choose the order the attributes are output in the data sheet

To add attributes available for export in this format:

  1. Click the '+ Add attributes'  to select which attributes you want to make available for download.
  2. Organize the column output order by dragging and dropping  the attributes.



    Managing Account Download Notifications

    The account a Brand Portal belongs to will receive a notification, based on that portal's settings.

    This notification will include the users' e-mail and a copy of the PDF or Datasheet download. 
    As an account admin/user, you can change the settings to whom the notifications get sent.
    Read more on the notifications settings article.



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