Adding Attributes to Brand Portals

How to add product attributes to a Brand Portal in Plytix

One of the first steps in creating a Brand Portal is identifying the attributes you want to include in it. In this article, we will show you how to add and manage attributes to use in your Brand Portal.


Adding and Deleting Attributes in a Brand Portal

Changing an Attribute's Output Label

Formatting an Attribute's Output


Adding and Deleting Attributes in a Brand Portal

To add attributes to a Brand Portal, click on a Brand Portal's name. This will take you to the Brand Portal's detail page where you will enter in the "Attributes" tab. The system attributes SKU and Thumbnail are added by default.



To add more attributes

  1. Click on "Add Attributes". 
  2. Under "Available attributes" select the attributes or attribute groups you want in your Brand Portal. Attributes selected will appear under "Selected attributes" on the right. 
    You can also add computed attributes by clicking "+ New computed attribute".
  3. Click "Add attributes" to close the popup.


4. Click "Save changes".

The attributes you've selected will appear in the "Attributes" tab of your Brand Portal's detail page. 


ℹī¸  Attributes can be added more than once. 


To delete attributes added

  1. Hover over the row of the attribute you want to delete. 
  2. Click on the "X" that appears at the right end of the row. 
  3. Save changes. 


Changing an Attribute's Output Label

Once you've added the attributes you want to use in your Brand Portal, you will see them in the "Attributes" tab. From here you can customize the output of the label of the attribute. This means you can change the name that will be displayed for the attribute in this Brand Portal. 

  1. Click on the "Output Label" of the attribute you want to rename. 
  2. Type in the new name and press "enter" on your keyboard. 
  3. Save changes.


In the example above I have renamed "Assets" to "Files". In my Plytix account, the attribute still remains as "Assets" but in the Brand Portal, visitors will see it as "Files". 


Formatting an Attribute's Output

Apart from renaming attributes' output label, some attribute types allow for output customization. Attributes available for formatting will have content under the "Formatting" column.


To format an attribute:

  1. Hover over the row of the attribute you want to format. 
  2. Click on the settings icon that appears at the right end of the row (if no icon appears then the attribute is not customizable). 


3. Set your preferences

4. Click 'Okay'

Check out the different formatting options below:


Customize the output value for true and false.



Computed Attribute

Use this for a static value or when using formulas.



Configure how the date is displayed on output



Define the decimal separator and decimal precision. 



Configure image settings by resizing it, changing its format, or renaming it. 


For Media Gallery attributes, you can also concatenate media attributes



Select your preferred category tree and path, and specify the hierarchy separator.



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