Configuring a Date Attribute

How to configure date attributes in Plytix using standard formatting rules when importing and exporting

There are many different ways of writing the date. This usually depends on region or personal preference. In this article, we will list the format rules, explain how to configure your date attribute format for import, and explain how to configure the date attribute when sharing data.


ℹī¸  In Plytix, all date attributes are displayed as (YYYY-MM-DD) by default and can only be modified upon export.


Date Format Tokens

Configuring the date format on import

Configuring the date format when sharing data


Date Format Tokens

Below is the list of tokens you can choose from when configuring a date attribute: 


Configuring Date attribute


For Example:
Date column in CSV Format Tokens
25.12.2020 %d.%m.%Y 
12/25/2020 %m/%d/%Y
25-Dec-2020 %d-%b-%Y


Configuring the date format for importing

When importing a CSV with a date attribute, you must define how Plytix should read that date.

To import a date attribute:

  1. Follow the steps to import product data

  2. During the matching process match to an existing date attribute or create a new date attribute.

  3. You will see the below settings: 

Configuring the date format when importing product data


4. In the "Date Format" field, type in the corresponding tokens to identify how the date is shown in your CSV file and how Plytix should read them. Separate the tokens using the same spacing character as in your CSV file (typically: - or . or / )


Configuring the date format when sharing data

Formatting the date attribute for output follows a similar process for PDFs, Brand Portals, and Channels. 

  1. Follow the steps to creating or managing a PDF, Brand Portal, or Channel and add the Date attribute you want to show. 
  2. In the "Attributes" tab find your date attribute
  3. In the "Formatting" column, you can see the current output format.
  4. Click on the "Settings" button to the right of the format. 
  5. Type in the new format tokens.
  6. Click "Save".


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