Creating and Managing E-Catalogs

How to create and manage Brand Portals, or E-catalogs, in Plytix.

Brand Portals, or E-Catalogs, are web portals that let you share product information and files with internal and external stakeholders. Visitors to your portal can browse and download content that you have curated specifically for them. This article explains how to create a new E-catalog, define your E-catalog settings, and delete e-catalogs. 


ℹ️ For information on how to design your e-catalogue, check out the article Designing E-catalogs 


Creating an E-catalog

Defining an E-catalog's Settings

Deleting E-catalogs

Creating an E-catalog

To create an E-catalog: 

  1. Go to "Catalogs" in the top navigation menu
  2. Choose "E-catalogs" from the dropdown (you are now in the E-catalogs overview page)
  3. Click "+ Create an E-catalog"
  4. Name the catalog and click "Save"

You will be taken to your new E-catalog's details page. 


create brand portal


Defining an E-catalog's settings

From the From the E-catalog's details page you can: 

  1. Set a thumbnail for your E-Catalog to easily identify it
  2. Re-name the E-Catalog
  3. Open or copy the e-catalog URL to your clipboard
  4. See when the E-Catalog was created and last updated
  5. Open the E-catalog designer tool
  6. View your E-Catalog
  7. Duplicate your E-Catalog
  8. Delete your E-Catalog

Demo Brand Portal

You can also click on different tabs to: 

  1. Add Attributes to your E-catalog 
  2. Add products and Assets to your E-catalog
  3. Set the export settings of your E-catalog
  4. Set the notification settings for your E-catalog
  5. Set the security settings of your E-catalog

* Click on any of the steps above to open a new tab with step-by-step guidance. 


Demo Brand Portal tabs


Deleting E-catalogs 

From the E-catalog overview page:

  1. Click on the tick box to select the E-catalogs you'd like to delete
  2. Click "Delete
  3. Type "DELETE" to confirm
  4. Click "Yes, delete now


💡 Use the search bar under the "+ Create an E-catalog" button to find E-catalogs faster. 


⚠️ Deleting a E-Catalog is permanent. You cannot get it back. 


What's next? 


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