Adding attributes to E-Catalogs

Add product attributes to an E-Catalog.

When you navigate to the ‘ATTRIBUTES’ tab of an E-Catalog (1) you can choose what attributes you want to load in the E-Catalog. By default the system attributes SKU and Thumbnail are loaded in the list of attributes available to the E-Catalog (2). You can remove any attribute by clicking the ‘X’ (3). To add more attributes, click the ‘+ Add attributes’ button (4).

Adding attributes to E-Catalogs


Adding attributes

Select available attributes from the left side (1).  All added attributes will be listed on the right side (2).  To add the attribute multiple times, click the number to increase it on the left side, or decrease it on the right side. (The number displayed is the number of times the attribute has been added.)

You can also add static values by writing in the field ‘Add static value’, and then pressing the ‘+ Add’ button (3).

Click the 'OK' button to confirm your attribute selection (4).

Adding attributes-2