Import Profiles

Create profiles for your imports to quickly recall the settings when you import similar files

This article assumes you are familiar with how to import products and match attributes from an import file, if not, take a look at our import products article. If you are looking for a solution to automatically import information into Plytix from a third-party solution, please refer to our API documentation. 

Import profiles enables you to create a ‘recipe’ for importing a file – When you’re importing a file with the same layout as you’ve done before, you don’t have to go through the attribute matching process again, instead you can simply load an import profile and all incoming data will be matched automatically.

Create or Load an Import Profile

After you’re done matching the incoming data for a document, you can click the disk icon on the left side to save the matching setup as an Import Profile (1). It’s also from this menu you can load an existing profile for the file you’re about to import.

import button


When loading a profile, you select the one you wish to use from the dropdown (1).

loading profile


Delete Import Profiles

If you wish to delete an import profile, navigate to the 'Import' section in the products tab (1). From here you select the 'Profiles' tab on the left hand side (2). You then select the profile you want (3) and press the delete button (4).

profile delete