Bulk Edit Products

Bulk edit attributes, categories, or relationships across multiple products

There are two ways to bulk edit your product information: 

  • Using the Product Overview table 
  • Importing a spreadsheet

Using a Spreadsheet

To bulk edit products via import using a spreadsheet, all you need to do is follow the import instructions here.

From the Product Overview Table

To bulk edit product from the Product Overview table follow these instructions: 

  • Navigate to the 'All products' screen by clicking PRODUCTS in the top navigation menu
  • Select the products you want to edit, using filters may help you find the right selection faster 
  • When you have your products selected, click the EDIT button that appears above the table




From here a window will appear that allows you to choose whether to edit Attributes,  Categories, or Relationships.


Editing Attributes

Attributes are selected by default. To edit your attributes: 

  1. Choose your attribute from the dropdown
  2. Input new value
  3. Choose another attribute if necessary by clicking EDIT OTHER ATTRIBUTE and repeat
  4. When you are ready, click SAVE

Do not try to edit categories or relationships at the same time.

Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 12.17.07

Editing Categories

  1. Choose the CATEGORIES option at the top
  2. Select the action you want to perform: ADD, REPLACE or REMOVE
  3. Select the categories you want to ADD, REPLACE, or REMOVE
  4. Then click SAVE

Screenshot 2019-09-18 at 12.17.59


Editing Relationships

  1. Choose the RELATIONSHIPS option at the top
  2. Select the action you want to perform: ADD or REMOVE
  3. Select the relationship and association you would like to edit
  4. If you want to add quantity here, you can also do this

Selecting multiple products for editing

When selecting products, you can target them individually by clicking the box connected to the individual product in their row (1).

You can also target all products on the page by clicking the box in the top of the 'Products' section (2). This only selects all products on the given page you are at (3)(4).

To select all products, press the 'Select all # products' button, and this will select all products listed (5).

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 09.45.37