Using Product Filters

How to use Attribute and Relationship filters to find products in the Plytix PIM faster

This article explains the different ways you can use filters to find products in your Plytix PIM quickly and efficiently. 


Finding the product filter function

Attribute filters

Relationships filters

Saving Filters


Product filters

Narrow down the products you see in the Product Overview table.

  1. Click on "Products" in the navigation menu
  2. Choose "All products" from the dropdown

Product Filters are found on the left side menu of the Product Overview page. There are two filter types: Attributes and Relationships. These can be used together to narrow your selection.




Attribute Filters

To use attribute filters: 

  1. Click on the "+" icon next to Attributes


  2. From the dropdown, select the attribute you would like to filter on
  3. Choose the condition you would like to filter on
  4. Click "Apply filter"


The Product Overview table will now show the results of your filter.


ℹī¸  Each attribute type has a specific set of conditions it can be filtered on. To learn what types of conditions there are for every attribute type, see the article:  Attribute Types.


💡  You can further narrow your search by stacking filters on top of one another. To do this, click AND or OR and follow the process to add a filter. 


Relationship Filters

To use relationship filters: 

  1. Click on the "+" icon next to Relationships
  2. From the dropdown, select the relationship you would like to filter on: Matching Products or Related to 
  3. Choose the Association Filter: is defined or is not defined
  4. Select all or a set of SKUs you want to narrow in on
  5. Choose the condition of quantity 
  6. Click "Apply filter


ℹī¸  At this time, you cannot filter on more than one relationship. 


Saving your filters

You can also save your filters to a smart list, so you can reload your filtering conditions another time.

To do this: 

  1. Click "Save filters" at the top of the filters section


  2. Select "Create a new list" and give your list a name
  3. Click "Save"



💡 Load a saved filter anytime by clicking "Load list". You can also access these lists under the Product Lists page. 


What's Next


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