Creating and Managing Product Variations

How to add variations of a product, link existing products as a variation & update variations from a parent product in Plytix

In this article, we will show you what variations are in Plytix, how to set them up, and how to send updates from parent products to variations.


What product variations are

How to create variations

How to update variations and parents

How to unlink variations from a parent


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Product Variations

Variations are an extra layer of organization for your products. Variations are just normal products that are linked to a "parent product" in a hierarchy.

The benefit of using product variations is that: 

  • You have a built in relationship that organizes your information better
  • You can sync changes made to to the parent product so that they appear in the variation product record

Creating variations

There are two ways to add new variations: 

  1. Via import (see section 4 of this article about preparing your product data for import)
  2. Within the Product Details Page:

You can add variations from the Product Details Page by

  1. Navigating to the product you want to be the parent.
  2. Click the "Variations" tab to manage variations for the product.
  3. Here you will see all the connected variations displayed and you can add additional variants of your product.

4. Click the "Add Variation" button on the left side of the screen

5. From here you can create a new product as a variation (1), or you can link an existing product as a variation (2).

ℹ️ If a product belongs to a family, you can only link products that belong to the same family. If there are no other products in that family, you will only have the option to create a new product as a variation. 



6. Whether you create a new product or link an existing product, you can choose what attributes to copy over from the parent product (1). All selected attributes will be displayed in the second column (2)

7. Finish the product creation by clicking 'Copy Values' (3). This will create your new variation and copy over the selected values from the parent product to the variation.


ℹ️ You can have up to 300 variations per parent product.


Syncing updates from parent

Whenever you make updates to your parent product, you can sync the changes to all the variations by returning to the "Variations" tab of the given parent product. 

  1. Choose the variation or variations you want to sync the changes with (1)
  2. Click the green "Update" button (2)


3. Then you will be asked which attributes you want to sync

4. Choose the attributes 

5. Click "Copy Values"

Then all the changes will be applied for all the variations listed in the table.


Unlinking variations

If you have created a link to a product within Plytix that you want to unlink so that it becomes its own product, you can select the variant on the list, and press the "Unlink" button above the table view.



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