Overview of Product Detail Page

How to navigate the individual product pages where you can see all attributes and assets for a given product

You can get into a the product detail page from the table in the "All products" page by clicking on the SKU of the product you want to view. This is where you can see all the information that makes up an individual product. This article will explain the different sections of the product detail page. 


Product Details Summary

Attributes Tab

Attribute Viewing Options

Assets Tab

Categories Tab

Variations Tab

Relationships Tab

Change Log Tab


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Product Detail Summary


Once you enter the Product Detail Page, you can find on the left side an overview of all the system attributes of your product. This is also the section where you can navigate to the previous/next product, and export, duplicate or delete the current product you are seeing. 

From this summary you can: 

  1. Head back to all products
  2. Export, Duplicate or Delete a product
  3. Navigate to the previous/next product
  4. See the Product Thumbnail
  5. See the Product Label
  6. See the Product System Status
  7. See the Product SKU
  8. See the Product GTIN
  9. See the linked variations products
  10. See when the product was created and by which user
  11. See when the product was last modified and by which user

On the top next to the summary, you will see different tabs which will we will explain further in the following sections. 


Attributes Tab

When you enter a product's detail page, by default, you will also enter the "Attributes" tab. This is where you can see and edit all attribute values for a specific product. 


💡 For information on how to edit attributes from the attribute tab check out the product detail section of the article: Editing product attributes.


Attribute Viewing Options

Attribute VIewing Options - Button Redesign (1)

Clicking on the eye icon allows you to display any combination of:

  • Defined attributes
  • Empty attributes
  • Attributes that do not belong to the product's family

Clicking on the completeness icon allows you to hide or show completeness on the right side of the product detail page. 

Assets Tab

In this tab you can see and manage files connected to the product.



You can: 


Categories Tab

In this tab you can see if the category is assigned to any categories and add or remove categories to the product.



Variations Tab

Here you can see if the product has any variations.


You can also


Relationships Tab

Relationships let you recommend similar products, upsell, and create sets or packs.

relationship-product-detail-page-1In this section you can

Change Log Tab

The change log is a record of the changes that have been made to a product over the past 30 days, including changes to attributes, assets, categories, relationships, and families. 

screely-1658760844147Here you can view:

  • the date and time a change was made
  • which user made the change
  • whether the change was made by the system, a bulk action, API, or manually
    • import - a change that was made by importing a CSV, including individual imports and feeds
    • bulk action - a change made by a user to multiple products, including changes made from the product overview or asset overview
    • API - a change coming from an API key from the account
    • manual - a change was made manually by a specific user, including in-table editing and product detail edits
  • what entity was changed-- for attributes, hovering over the entity will show details


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