Navigating the Product Overview Page

How to navigate the product overview page to see and manage all of your products

The Plytix PIM product overview page is a place you'll probably spend a lot of time within Plytix. It allows you to see and manage all of your product information in one place. Here, you can view of your products, sort by product family set unique product table views, and create product lists using attribute filters. 


Filters Menu
Product Family Selector
Products overview menu
Product table
List view
Grid view
Selecting products


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Products in Plytix 

Products imported or created in Plytix can be found in the 'All Products' tab under the 'Products' section.


Navigate to all products by clicking on the Products tab and selecting All Products


From the 'All Products' page there are 4 main sections: 

1. Filters Menu

2. Family Selector

3. Product Overview menu

4. Product table


Navigating the Product Overview Page (1)

Filters Menu

The Filters menu makes finding and viewing your products quick and easy. From this menu you can view product families, filter through your products, save filters to a Smart List, or load a pre-existing product list. 


Select attributes and operators to filter product table results.

Filtering through your products

Applying product filters can help you narrow down your search. As you select attributes and define filter conditions, products that meet them will appear in the product table on the right. 


Set criteria to filter the products you see in the product overview table.


To apply filters to your product results:

  1. Go to the 'All products' page
  2. In the Filters menu on the left, click the '+' next to 'Attributes' or 'Relationships'
  3. Set the criteria for filtering.
  4. Click 'Apply filter'.


💡 You can use the 'and' or 'or' operators to set additional filter criteria to refine your search results.

ℹ️ To learn more about filtering products, check out our article Using Product Filters.

Product Family Selector

View products sorted by family by clicking on the 'Family' dropdown and selecting a family. If you wish to see products that are not part of a family, select 'Unassigned'. If you want to see all of your products, select 'All products'. 


⚠️ Using this dropdown menu to select a family cannot be saved as part of a list view. If you want to save specific families as part of a list view, select the 'Family' attribute, the 'equal to' operator, and the family you want to view.

ℹ️ For more information about Product Families, click here.



Products Overview Menu


The product overview menu lets you:

  • Search for a product in the table by the product SKU or label
  • Configure the product table search bar settings
  • Choose whether to view products in a list or in a grid
  • Choose from three grid sizes (small, medium, large)
  • Edit the product overview columns
  • Create, update, or view table views
  • Show or hide the Filters menu
  • Create new products


Product table

The product table is where you can view all of your products, and their attributes in columns. Toggle the filter view on or off by clicking on 'Hide filters' or 'Show filters' at the top of the table. hide_filtersAdjust the number of products you see by clicking on the 'Results per page' dropdown in the bottom righthand corner.results_per_page

The top righthand corner of the table features a search bar where you can search for specific products by label or SKU. You can search by other attributes if you choose to add them by clicking on the settings icon that appears when you hover over the search bar.search_products

You can always add a new product by clicking on the '+ New Product' at the top of the table.add_new_product

Clicking the ' + New Product' button will bring you to the new product screen. You are required to fill in the SKU and the label, but it optional to assign the product to a family. 

screely-1659358654195When you are finished, click on 'Create Product' to be taken to the new product's detail page, where you can enrich your product with information.


View Options

List view

Grid view


switch easily between list view and grid view on the product overview page.


List view

With the list view, you can see up to 100 products per page. SKU is always shown in the first column, but all other columns can be rearranged to fit the order and size that works best for you. list_view

You can also change the sort order of attributes with numerical or alphabetical values by clicking on the arrow that appears next to the column header.Change the sort order of alphabetical or numerical product attributes by clicking on the arrow next to the attribute name.

Selecting one or more attributes in this view will cause the bulk action menu to appear at the top of the page. Here you have options to edit, export, add to list, link assets, assign a family or delete products. edit_bulk

Grid view

The grid view is a great way to get a closer look at your products without visiting each product's detail page separately.

In addition to the thumbnail of each product, you'll see the SKU and the first four selected attributes for each product, which you can adjust by clicking on 'Edit columns' at the top. If the product has variations, you'll see a number next to a tag symbol in the top left corner above it's thumbnail (like the backpack in the image above).

Hovering over each product will show another menu, giving you options to open the product detail page in a new tab, duplicate the product, or delete it.Hover over a product in grid view to open it in a new tab, duplicate it, or delete it.

Just as in the list view, you can select one or more products. This will cause the bulk action menu to appear, as mentioned above.bulk_edit_grid_view

With grid view, you'll notice that you can change the size of each product listing by selecting 'S' for small, 'M' for medium (default), and 'L' for large' so you can adjust how many products you see per row. 

You can adjust the grid size so that products appear small, medium, or large.

Selecting Products

Selecting a product or multiple products will open up an additional set of six options for editing.The bulk action menu lets you edit, export, add to list, associate assets, assign a family or delete in bulk.

  1. Clicking on the 'edit' icon allows you to bulk edit attributes, relationships, and categories for multiple products. You may edit up to three attributes at a time with this method.
  2. Clicking on the 'export' icon gives you the option to export your selection as a CSV, XLSX, or PDF file, or to export only the associated assets.
  3. The 'Add to list' icon lets you add your selection of products to a static list.
  4. The 'Link assets' icon allows for bulk association of assets with products.
  5. The 'Assign Family' icon lets you assign products to a Product Family.
  6. Lastly, clicking on the red 'delete' icon will delete your selection of products from Plytix. To confirm, you'll need to type "DELETE."

💡 Note that if you select only one product from either list or grid view, an additional icon will appear. This is the 'Duplicate' icon, which allows you to easily create a new product by duplicating the information of an existing product.


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