Completeness Tracking

Completeness attributes help you keep track of your product progress in whichever way is important to you.

Set a completeness attribute, and monitor product status. You can also use the completeness attributes and product status to filter through your products and create dynamic Smart Lists. You can use these lists for internal use to refer back to for adding product information, as well as only sending/sharing the correct ‘Complete’ products to your respective catalogs/channels.

Creating a completeness attribute

To create a attribute:

1. Open the ‘Settings’

2. Navigate to ‘Product Attributes’

3. Click ‘+ Create attribute’ in the top right corner

Creating a completeness attribute


1. Select the completeness attribute type.

Select completeness attribute


Applying data to your completeness attribute:

1. Add the attribute Name for your completion*

2. Select the attributes you want to define your completion

3. And see which attributes is defining your completeness

Applying data to completeness attribute:

*We suggest naming this attribute in function with the outcome of the completion. What is the product getting ready for? For example by channel – Amazon, Web Ready, Spring Catalog…etc

To incorporate your Completeness attributes into groups, see our article on grouping attributes.

Using your completeness attribute

To display your completeness attribute, apply it to your product table.

  1. Select the ‘Choose table columns’ button to select your attribute.
  2. It will then get displayed in the product table.
Using your completeness attribute


1. Search for or Select your completeness attribute from your available attributes.

2. And incorporate them into your selected attributes, and organize them.

3. Then press save.

Table columns