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Get Started with the Plytix Platform

Optimize and manage your product content to tailor your delivery to customers and channels

Speak to an Account Executive to try Plytix for free! All new accounts are populated with demo content so that you can play around and get a feel for everything you can do in the system.

The Standard Version of Plytix

The PRO Version of Plytix

How to Get Started - Self-demo


What you can do with the Standard version of Plytix

And what you'll find in the PRO version

Everything in the Standard version PLUS....

  • Brand Portals where you can set up interactive online catalogs where your customers can browse and source product content 24/7
  • Product Sheets where you can create branded, ready-for-print product sheets on the fly
  • Channels where you can manage, format, and schedule updates to your content for multi-channel product listings

To learn more about the PRO version of Plytix, check out our plan comparison.


How to get started with the Plytix Platform

STEP 1: Sign up for Plytix 

Reach out to an Account Executive who will set you up with an account. No credit card required.

STEP 2: Play around with the system

Your new account will have demo content in it to help you understand how your own content will look and be managed in the system. Give it a go and remember to ask us any questions you may have in the live chat!

STEP 3: Get your products in the PIM

When you're ready to start with your own content, you can either A) delete all the attributes and products in your account or B) Speak to your Account Executive about getting a fresh new account.

STEP 4: Import your product content

Next, you’ll want to add your products to Plytix. You can do this using a CSV. The only required field is an SKU or other unique identifier to match with the Plytix system attribute "SKU". We suggest importing a small sample of your data (20-50 products and 5-10 attributes) to start your set up. 

To start importing products go to https://pim.plytix.com/imports/upload

Learn more about how to prepare your spreadsheet for import.

STEP 5: Review your settings

You can add more attributes, create category structures, and manage product relationships in the Settings area. This will help you get the system ready for you and your team.

To review your settings, go to https://pim.plytix.com/settings.


What’s next?


If you have any questions just click on the chat box in the bottom-right corner and we'll be happy to answer them...


and please let us know 👇